Friday, May 10, 2013

Beyond the Summit of Mt. Manalmon

View from the summit of Mt. Manalmon
L-R: Mt. Gola-Sierra Madre Range-Mt Arayat
 An easy hike with a gradual ascent, we reached the summit of Mt. Manalmon in less than an hour. We were rewarded with great views atop and some peaks of neighboring mountains were also visible.

Mt. Manalmon proved not only a hiking destinations but also great activities for adventurers. Check out the following photos:

Monkey Bridge



Bayukbuk Cave (7-8) Spelunking

Bayukbuk Cave (1-6) Spelunking

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Energizer Run: Back to Basic

Running Buddies
Photo Credit: April Moreno

I enjoyed hitting the road again.Finished the race in 34:17, way behind from my usual 5k race time but still fun running with old friends. Indeed an appetizer for tomorrow's dayhike:)